Julie Châteauvert: Abstract and Biography

Julie Châteauvert

Abstract: “Narrative Creations in Sign Languages: The Promises of Image Technologies”

Around the world, narrative creation in different sign languages is teeming. Traditionally, this work was presented on stage, during social or community events. Its transmission was generally considered to be an equivalent to that of oral literatures. While this may still be the case, and while a number of festivals allow us to see live contemporary narrative sign language creation onstage, the growing accessibility of image technologies is radically transforming these works’ modes of dissemination. Indeed, more than dissemination alone, the very relationship with creation is potentially altered, since it is now possible to record these works, to identify and classify them, in other words to conduct their very editing and publication. Consequently, it becomes easier to study these works, to memorize and interpret them, as well as to analyze and develop discourses around them. The Internet also facilitates access to an international repertoire of works in diverse sign languages, allowing us to hope that a recognition of this literature might be achieved in the same way as it has been for vocal languages. In this presentation, I will offer an overview of the promises put forward by image technologies with regards to the dissemination and recognition of narrative creation in sign language. I will conclude by considering what these technologies also promise on the level of creative practice.

Biography: In 2014, Julie Châteauvert completed a Doctorate in Études et Pratiques des Arts at UQÀM, entitled “Poétique du mouvement: ce que les langues des signes font à la littérature” (Poetics of Movement: What Sign Languages do to Literature). Her current research seeks, on the one hand, to develop methodological tools for the criticism of sign language literature, and on the other, to understand the modes of dissemination of sign language literature that are currently being used.