Florian Grond

Florian Grond will present his research at Media@McGill‘s panel on Radical Affordances.


Florian Grond, Sketch of the Audible Sculptures installation showing interaction with the sculpture


A 3D mesh model of a sculpture by Henry Moore


A spectrogram of the sound derived from the 3D mesh model of Henry Moore’s sculpture.












Florian Grond, Audible Sculptures:

Audible Sculptures is a collaborative sound art installation that creates an experience in which blind and sighted spectators can meet on equal grounds by mediating sculptures through the senses of touch and listening. The project consists in rendering a selected three-dimensional sculpture into spatialized sound. A model of the source sculpture is accessible for manipulation in space through a tactile interface. Viewers/listeners are invited to click their fingers near the model, and according to their position, these clicks will be reflected against the sculpture’s surface and will generate a spatialized sonification that “translates” the physical sculpture into a sonic one.

Acknowledgements: Adriana Olmos, Marc Fournel, Alexis Emelianoff, Mathieu Bouchard.