Media@McGill presents:

Radical Affordances: Emerging Scholarship, Art, and Activism at the Intersection of Media and Disability Studies

To what extent do media technologies and practices shape our abilities to act and circulate in the world? In what ways might critical disability studies invite us to rethink our understandings of media and their affordances?

Inspired by McGill postdoctoral researcher Arseli Dokumaci’s current work on disability and affordances*, this panel explores the potentials of “radical affordances” in relation to mobility, everyday performance, as well as artistic and activist practices. Featuring six Montreal-based emerging scholars and practitioners, the presentations include projects and case studies that offer new tools to expand the affordances of existing technologies, as well as creative approaches that reveal unsuspected possibilities in familiar devices and media.

A free public panel and online exhibition held during McGill University’s 2015 Disabilities Awareness Week.

*For further reading and viewing, see: